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Eye of the Needle

The microbe is nothing, the terrain everything. - Louis Pasteur

Updated July 2021 Phoenicia NY - Charles Balter

The above quote from Louis Pasteur is NOT the way he portrayed himself in life, that quote was given on his death bed. In life he was a charlatan, a fabricator of scientific information and deceit. He admittedly used arsenic and other toxins to poison and sicken animals on stage while demonstrating the validity of his "germ theory." He is the main reason for our subservience to medical doctors with their insistence on "Germ Theory" using drugs, radiation, cutting and vaccines to suppress symptoms rather than root out the cause of disease.

When the criminal Rockefeller clan learned of germ theory and its potential for repeat business from mysterious diseases that could be "caught," rather than developed inside the body from energetic imbalances, toxins, stress, diet and lifestyle, the Rockefellers created the cartel that is known as the AMA. They saw the potential profit in health, and began a series of smear campaigns designed to shut down all existing traditional health practitioners, and create a monopoly (which is their expertise) through bribery of politicians and changing of laws to "protect." the public and prevent the competition from continuing to heal patients. But who would protect people from these insincere scoundrels and criminals. The Rockefeller crime family it seems was only interested in the bottom line - money.

These people are not healers, a healer does what he/she does not for ego, prestige, money, or power. A healer does it because that's who they are at their core.

Pasteur and his "Germ Theory" are responsible for providing the Robber Baron/Rockefeller/AMA/Monopoly, another money making scheme, and for the emergence of Big Pharma, and the Medical Dictatorship we are now experiencing.

We have him to blame for the cadre of germaphobic medical psychics and tarot card readers, now "legitimized" and known as Virologists. Main Stream Media and TV networks have made these Fortune Tellers into stars.

Virologists are the spiritual prognosticators of allopathy, they see into invisible unknown realms and even pick up through their physic abilities non-existent entities that may do future harm to humanity. Thus the non-existent COVID-19!! COVID-19 jab for the non existent virus, masks, and a world-wide trance, leading to Marshall law and the destruction of society. These guys are good when let loose by their over lords.

Virologists use a thoroughly researched and scientifically based medical data system known as the "WAG Method" (Wild Ass Guess) to concoct their baseless predictions, forge data, and throw them at a naive public that worships the allopathic system of health.

Allopathic Medical intervention including prescription medications are the third most prevalent cause of death in America, behind cancer and heart disease.

Let that sink in while you relax on your ventilator and sip a graphene oxide cocktail. Don't take my word for this, do your own RESEARCH!!! Come to your own conclusions.

It has been 24 years since I published the Eye of the Needle, a first hand experiential article on childhood vaccines. It was part of a fourth coming book at that time - The Tibetan Book of the Dad - Stories of Living Dying and Diapering -

[Parenting as a Path of Awakening]

It was written while in the midst of a rollercoaster ride of a decision "NOT" to vaccinate my two very healthy breastfed infants. It was well researched a dozen times over and the only true answer was that I couldn't bring myself to put toxic poison into the veins of these very hardy babies.

Now we switch to the second act of this drama, and I find myself very much embroiled in a worldwide panic that is in fact a hoax that entrapped most of my fellow citizens. I can't wait till Ashton Kutcher pops out and announces "You've Been Punked!!!" on CNN.

These people that I almost always agreed with on issues of human rights and health have abandoned all sense of dignity and submitted themselves to an authoritarian medical dictatorship, created, sustained, and bribed by a billionaire class Criminal Cartel hell bent on owning everything and enslaving Humanity.

I never thought I would find myself in such a dystopian world where everything I thought I knew about this existence has been toppled.

Well not everything - the witnessing of the crumbling of the social structure has thrown me deeper into the resolve and understanding of my foundational underpinnings and basic truths about the the human condition and trust in Nature, Yoga, Meditation, Organic plant based diet, absorbable micro nutrients and minerals, fresh purified H20, holistic lifestyle and of course critical thinking.

I have never regretted saving my children from the thieves and criminals of greedy Big Pharma and the Church of the AMA.

Today I am haunted by the sight of fearful humans wearing dangerous useless masks to virtue signal each other that they comply with any and all rules no matter how ridiculous or damaging to health, as they march to the drum beat of the tyrannical medical establishment, power hungry politicians, bureaucrats, MSM, and insecure, sociopathic, murderous, psychotic, billionaire technocrats. Did I say psychotic? Oh ok good.

I never even gave it a thought as I meditated each morning, that there were amongst us, so called humans (billionaire class) that want to control and change the biology of their fellow man through their Transhumanism agenda, Eugenics, and a desire to be immortal thru the merging of human biology with artificial intelligence. That way these insane controllers believe they "CAN! take it with them." They are too asleep and stupid to understand that we are already immortal. We are all spiritual beings having a human experience within this simulation or matrix. So let's all enjoy.

The Cabals mission which has secretly been in planning for many years, - Agenda 21, Davos, event 201, agenda 2030, WEF, Klaus Schwab is to control humanity and the "Worthless Eaters" like me, and either genocide or enslave us while reducing global population.

I cannot believe I, who thought of himself as an awakened individual, fell asleep at the wheel all these years.

Using "the latest scientific???" technology - how bout another sip of graphene oxide? - they are feverishly jabbing as many trusting, unsuspecting, humans as possible in an attempt to rearrange their DNA, and control their thoughts and perceptions or preferably genocide them - rendering them supplicant disciples of their diabolical plans for the extinction of the human race as we know it. And in some cases all it takes is a burger and "Mmmmm delicious fries" to gain access to a persons bloodstream. Shower anyone?

Rest assured I will not go quietly into their high tech gas chambers this time around.

PS: In 1995 there were approximately 15 recommended government approved vaccines for Infants. At the time I thought that was an absurd amount.

Now 2021 there are approximately 72!!! Is this health or a lust for greed and power. And based on the fear and terror out there it will soon be 73, as they force, coerce and mandate people to be vaxxed, against the constitution and all laws as well as the International Nuremberg Conventions (Nuremberg trials resulted in scores of Nazi doctors and henchman - order followers - being executed for crimes against humanity). The cartel wants everyone to receive an experimental double jab and many more booster jabs. All without true informed consent.

Everyone, includes babies, teens and pregnant woman, ensnared, and jabbed with this non approved, non vaccine, experimental, sterilizing, deadly gene therapy treatment for something not proven to exist, let alone their totally fraudulent "variants". Despite the absolute fiction of what is broadcast by bought and paid for, fear mongering, so called anonymous Fact Checkers" and the Criminal CARTEL owned MSM - Main Stream Media, the lies continue to rain down without pause.

Wake the hell up people! Oh that's right you can't, because you've gotten your mind altering, brain numbing, IQ lowering, experimental jab compliments of Kill Gates and his minions. Those of us who have and will continue to escape and fight this trap will create a bright and joyous "New World" with no predetermined "Order" just freedom, celebrating, consciousness, love, spontaneity, and compassion for all living beings.

Censorship is thriving in today's "New World" as chaos and confusion - not "Order" is force fed to the pseudo human cyborg slaves our controllers have created, and so disdain. Yes kids, people do get sick and die as they always have. As some awakened people say: "Fear is the virus"

This is just the flu rebranded to strike fear and compliance into the hearts of a non thinking, brainwashed, authority worshiping, germaphobic, submissive public. The only way out of this is for people to research on truly independent - non Medical Industrial Complex, news sites, take responsibility for their own health and trust deeply in their bodies ability to heal and create homeostasis, submitting to the use of intervention only when all natural and immunological responses fail to bring results.

In other words: Stop being Wimps!

The cycle of dependence on god-like medical doctors, Big Pharma Mobsters and their money making extortion (Protection) schemes -vaccines - must be reined in or stopped completely for future generations to thrive.

***** Some of the statements made here are still in flux and have yet to be proven 100% correct.

DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!!! Come to your own conclusions

Eye of the Needle

The microbe is nothing, the terrain everything - Louis Pasteur

1997 Mount Laurel NJ - Charles Balter

When you live with babies, it's rare to get a few moments to eat and digest a meal in peace. But that beautiful winter afternoon was a candidate for a delightful exception.

For the past four days we'd all been indoors, trapped by a blizzard that piled almost three feet of snow on our South Jersey homestead.

When I awoke that morning I saw the first rays of sun to reach us in a week. I walked outside to check the local road conditions. Despite the ice and snow that still covered everything but the shoveled walkways, it looked like this would be a good day for the four of us to venture out.

By noon Lisa the kids and I are seated around a table at the food court of our local indoor mall. What a relief, after struggling to dress the children in their winter gear, loading everyone into the car and slowly navigating the few slippery miles to our destination.

The kids are unusually calm; perhaps after days of cabin fever they sense that if they're good they'll get to stay out a while.

Sophia is enjoying a multi grain bagel and rice milk; Cailean has just finished breastfeeding and is totally content, sleeping in his stroller. Lisa and I, who are both very hungry, are finally free to dig into our vegetarian sushi platter.

We try to keep the conversation light and non controversial, something we don't do too well or often. Although we kid around and play a lot, our house is usually rebounding on the waves of volatile issues, so our frivolous talk feels all the more refreshing.

Just as I'm about to swallow the last piece of avocado California roll, I see a woman pushing a baby stroller toward our table. When she gets within a few feet, I can see that her face looks agitated, her eyes wild. One quick glance at her child in the stroller tells me why. He's sweaty and pale, his skin is covered with red blotches, and he's coughing, as thick yellow and orange mucus pours from his nostrils.

Lisa and the woman make eye contact as I slink down and try to ignore her. In a loud suspicious voice, the woman says, "have those kids of yours been vaccinated for whooping cough yet? Be careful! It's spreading like wildfire. It's all over the place. I'm so glad I do whatever my doctor tells me to do. I've had my child vaccinated for every disease known to man!"

As fast as she appeared, the woman and her coughing, hacking, and now vomiting child vanish into the throbbing organic mass of virus-infected shoppers.

WTF was that all about?" Lisa asks.

Could she somehow have sensed that Lisa and I have made the controversial decision not to have our children vaccinated at all?"

We sit silently for a while, then gather up the children and drive home.

In the car we try to remain cheerful, but our flow has been shattered by the woman's assault, and our banter sounds hollow. My mind is chattering out of control, already in full debate about the the mother's diatribe. Lisa is also upset but as usual, she's more emotional about it. "Are we being irresponsible parents?" She blurts out. Voicing my fear as well as hers.

When I try to recall the reasons for our firm decision, I draw a blank.

As soon as we get home Lisa calls her sister Lori to help with the kids so we can have time to reconsider this matter that I thought had been firmly put to bed. The two of us spend the rest of the evening reviewing for the umpteenth time the materials we've collected. It's clear that if a total stranger could shake us to the core, we'd better look again.

Even before our first child Sophia was born, we came across some disturbing data and realized it would take a lot of hard work to sort out all the claims and counterclaims about inoculation.

One evening when she was eight months pregnant with Sophia, Lisa, pouring intensely over a book, called to me, "Hey Chick, listen to this! "More people have been killed by vaccinations than have been killed in all our wars combined. 'It says here that the smallpox vaccine was abolished in this country because it was killing more people than the disease itself."

I was skeptical. Even though I was leaning towards not vaccinating my kids, these statements seemed inflated. I know that we all tend to look for (and find!) evidence that backs up our beliefs. Surely the the rabid anti-vaccine crowd would gobble up these assertions, but I was still hesitant to jump all in. I had not had any thoughts about vaccines when my two older sons from my previous marriage were given theirs. Of course I had been inoculated as had Lisa. Like most people, I always believed vaccines were a must for all children in modern society. I also believed they were safe, effective, beneficial, and legally mandated. In those days I usually went along with the other sheep in the herd when it came to medical issues.

The more I looked into vaccines the more I realized - like most people and doctors - how little I actually knew. And how much I had accepted without thinking. I saw that this was because before parents can even consider the issues, they are inundated by doctors, nurses, family members, coercive techniques, threats, and needles.

It is nearly impossible to get hold of data that shows the risks of mass inoculation, free of censorship from Big Pharma and the corrupt AMA. This is because most of the research is conducted and funded by the pharmaceutical companies and the American Medical Association. Quite a few physicians are now questioning our currently accepted medical model of immunity such as germ theory vs terrain theory.

One such person Andrew Weil, MD, author of Spontaneous Healing: How to discover and Enhance Your Body's Natural Ability to Maintain and Heal Itself, challenges the status quo.

In the introduction, Weil writes: "Even when treatments are applied with successful outcomes those outcomes represent activation of intrinsic healing mechanisms, which under other circumstances, might operate without any outside stimulus." This raises the issue: What part if any, does the placebo effect play in all of this? How much of the "Miraculous" success of heavily promoted and endorsed immunization programs is due to public belief in them? Like brainwashing, hypnosis, or mass trance.

I was starting to question the alleged correlation between immunization and better health. Some of the literature indicates that diseases like smallpox and polio were already on the decline before the vaccines came along. What really worried me were the reports that vaccines were either ineffective or actually made healthy children and adults sick. This directly corresponds with the fact that medical errors and pharmaceuticals are the third leading cause of death in the U.S. behind cancer and heart disease. Let that sink in.

"Russia which had been vaccinating virtually all it's children for diphtheria since the early 1960's, had a resurgence of the illness in 1990. In that year 1,211 cases were reported in four major cities, including Moscow. Between January and August 1993 nearly 6,000 Russians got diphtheria, 106 of whom died. Everyone who got diphtheria in Russia between 1990 and 1993 had been vaccinated." The same was true for polio in the United States. " The last "natural" case of polio, that is, an incidence not linked to vaccines, occurred in 1979. All recorded cases of polio since that time have been in children who received the live polio vaccine (LPV).

Those who say all children should be inoculated argue that unvaccinated children are a health risk. It is claimed that they are the most vulnerable to disease and can easily infect others and therefore pose a danger to the community. What does that say for the efficacy of the vaccines to protect the individual?? Reading those types of statistics and many more, it seemed that the reasoning used by the pro vaxers needed in-depth reexamination.

We found some excellent books and magazine articles to help us find our way through the maze of contradictory claims and counterclaims. I learned that vaccines are composed of actual disease causing organisms, mixed with other toxic substances like mercury. I found myself in agreement with the many others including members of the medical establishment, who believe that immunization suppresses the immunity making children and adults more susceptible to illnesses. It made perfect sense that attempts to artificially eliminate illness through vaccination programs interfere with a child's inherent balance of body, mind, and spirit. Under supportive, loving conditions, a healthy newborn can deal with the challenge of potential illnesses through natural means - much like trees are strengthened by winds and storms.

I can understand how easy it is to fall for the "pitch" that inoculation is an imaginary shield against all illnesses, and ignore the need to maintain the natural innate balance within an individual's body which allows them to develop "True" immunity without outside intervention.

I started reading about the discipline of evolutionary biology, which considers the connection between mass inoculation and the appearance of new or mutated forms of illness worldwide. I realized that each decision for or against vaccinations effects everyone everywhere.

Facing the conundrum of immunization is an important link in the greater issue of our relationship to the whole of all life on this planet. I couldn't just examine our family's dilemma in a vacuum; our process was also a metaphor for our interconnectedness with all inhabitants of earth.

People who perceive the Earth to be a living organism are concerned that our efforts to conquer nature with pesticides and anti-bacterial agents and other artificial means are destroying Earth's natural dynamic balance. For me the choice to remain vaccine-free reflects the understanding that natural forces regulate the balance in any "body," whether that of a child or Earth itself. We humans are co-creators with that natural life force. Perfect health is cooperating with this force rather than blocking it. May the force be with us.

The fear of the unknown, the invader, has always permeated human consciousness. However the stresses of modern life have created an exaggerated "us" against "them" mentality. This holds true in the western allopathic approach to health. When we encounter so-called germs, most of us feel the need to kill them, perceiving germs and bacteria as the enemy. Truth is we are made of them. This conditioned thought pattern can extend to the politically and economically motivated belief that the world is a harsh, dangerous, unfriendly environment, filled with invisible traps lurking around every corner.

No germ or virus wants to kill off it's host, for that would result in it's own demise. Perhaps we need to understand what these "microbes" are communicating about our ever changing, metamorphosing being, and our pre conditioned programming. I learned through the study of Epigenetic's - the biology of belief - that our negative loop of mind chatter is a cause of our compulsive need to control and conquer.

It's unrealistic to deny that an imbalance of these so called disease causing organisms - which are indeed us - can disrupt our natural homeostasis. I like to say " it's Not Ewww! It's You!"

We do have a choice of how we want to relate to their presence. If we can accept that they are an aspect of us and our world, then our miraculously adaptive bodies can seamlessly assimilate them, if we keep our bodies healthy. This approach, admittedly is a huge jump for those of us, like me, that have been raised on Germ Theory of disease and illness, and Madison Avenue's "Kills germs on contact" blitz. Those campaigns were designed, not for our health, but to change beliefs, sell more products, and create more hypochondria and doctor visits.

The entire immunization subject and related agendas are so volatile, and passionate that Lisa and I tried hard not to get into debates with people in favor of vaccinations. They usually thought other options were irresponsible. Often we couldn't avoid the subjects when confronted by well meaning? Family members and friends.

We were fortunate enough to connect with a number of parents in our area that had elected to keep their kids vaccine free. It was encouraging to meet so many kids who'd never been vaccinated yet remained remarkably healthy.

We also herd about groups throughout the country that provide support and information to parents grappling with these issues. I was happy to discover that none of us has to go it alone.

After we made our choice to remain vax free we searched for a pediatrician that would accept unvaccinated children. With a lot of effort, we finally found a woman MD who believes in immunization but was open minded enough to support our decision. We encountered similar difficulties at Sophia's preschool, where we were told that the state of New Jersey required us to write a letter stating our objections; otherwise, she would no longer be able to attend. The only acceptable grounds for such a statement, we were told, were medical and religious.

Obtaining a medical exception wouldn't work for us; that option is only for patients who have a physical problem with vaccinations, such as severe allergies, and this must be verified by a doctor. Our only option was to come up with a religious objection. I once again did what any father defending the rights of his child would do - I lied. Well not quite. But I did end up having to submit a letter filled with religious rhetoric that I knew would be accepted by the people that had the power to keep Sophia enrolled. It worked! If your interested in submitting such a letter, you can contact one of the organizations listed in the resource guide in the bibliography. Several of them have extensive experience with this and can can provide information that will guide you through the process.

Since then we have learned of several court cases that have provided precedence for parents right to make an informed choice for their children. We suggest to anyone at this stage of the game to find out the current laws in their State. As of this writing, all states except West Virginia and Mississippi allow legal exemptions from inoculation on the basis of religious beliefs. however the entire subject is in such a state of flux that requirements are constantly changing. Some States allow philosophical grounds for objections, as do many developed countries including Canada, Japan, and those of Western Europe.

Now two and a half years after we started looking into the whole mess, Lisa and I are back at it. We check and recheck to see if there might be anything that might change our decision.

I find an article in the April/May 1996 issue of Mothering Magazine, which tells me that more than thirty-seven thousand reports of adverse reactions to vaccines, including 471 deaths, were reported by the FDA between July 1990 and March 1994. The number is actually much much greater, as most adverse reactions go unreported on the VAERS system. Only 1% of deaths and adverse side effects are estimated to be reported.

"The crux of this issue is not that vaccinations aren't sometimes effective, but that they may be so at a cost to health and natural immunity." This was our main suspicion in the first place.

In the same issue Dr. Kristine Severyn, director of Ohio Parents for Vaccine Safety, states, " Informed consent is a basic tenet of medicine. It implies voluntary consent. Parents have the choice not to fill prescriptions - they can speak with doctors about non-drug therapy."

An essential part of our choice not to vaccinate is the well-being our children have received from breastfeeding. Breastfeeding has given them immune enhancing antibodies as well as the superior nutrition and ability of mother's milk to strengthen their resistance. Lisa and I go out of our way to use the highest quality organic foods available. Many factors involved can vary greatly from family to family. Belief systems, lifestyles, attitudes, support networks and the quality of the home environment are important elements to consider.

Some parents are surprised to discover that they can give their children one or more vaccines and refuse others. Many parents feel relief when they understand this choice is available. Since every child will have an individual immune response to each inoculation, parents can observe the response and assess each shot on its own merits. This raises the question of the efficacy of giving the same vaccine type and dosage to everyone regardless of weight or other factors. Since everyone comes from a unique genetic and environmental background, how can the "one shot fits all" philosophy of mass inoculation be valid?

We don't have time for that now. Lisa closes the book she's been reading, yawns, and rolls her eyes. we look at each other and realize we've come to the same conclusion again. Unlike our circumcision decision, which was clear cut, the vaccination issue keeps poking at us again and again.

Going through this process has made me acutely aware that no one has the definitive answers. Whatever I'm presenting here is my own experience. Do your own research, and come to your own conclusions. Hopefully parents will gather information from sources with differing points of view and educate themselves as fully as possible. The bibliography lists resources from all sides of the issue, as well as information on individual vaccines. Keep in mind that the same data, examined though different perspectives, can yield different conclusions.

When I awaken the next morning I look over at Cailean, who is sleeping quietly between me and Lisa and wonder once more"

When Sophia comes bouncing into the bedroom I see her clear blue eyes and bubbling energy and suddenly get it: the answer was right in front of me all along. The validation I was so desperately seeking in books and through experts is right here now, in the aliveness of this two-and-a-half year old, who when surrounded in preschool by kids with colds and coughs, has never caught their illnesses. So much for germ theory! I look back at Cailean who has been hardy since the day he was born, and feel myself relaxing. We may not know anything about the future, but right now we are grateful for the vibrant health of our children. It is their way of letting us know we are on the right path.

Parents who choose to keep their children Vax free find the external pressure overwhelming, even to the point that abandoning their stance seems to be the only option. And this pressure to conform is not just from concerned family and friends; the messages come from every direction. Prodding from our traditional healthcare system, insurance companies, schools, government health agencies - even the President himself - can confuse people and make it difficult to stick to their convictions. A lot of people simply give up.

Take Lisa's friend, Andrea, for example. The two of them had been supporting each other in keeping their kids vaccine free. Just the other day Andrea's Mom called to warn that she better immediately vaccinate her four year old son for diphtheria. She said it's "spreading like wildfire" in Russia, she said she wasn't about to have her grandson get sick. Her Mom had seen the author of The Coming Plague on Oprah and panicked. This scared Andrea, who gave in and promised she'd get her son vaccinated.

I guess fear does spread like wildfire! When I herd about Andrea I found myself wondering: Is it back to the books again for us? No way!!

Although I'm comfortable with our decision, from time to time something like this comes to my attention and triggers a few anxious moments. But each time, I still find the current medical model of vaccinations an unacceptable alternative.

When people act in ways that disturb me, they're only reflecting parts of me I find distressing to encounter. My ability to keep exploring and remain flexible is critical. Perhaps tomorrow a brand new model of immunization might arise to alter the "terrain" of this subject. But no matter what changes the future brings, I'm not willing to leave the responsibility for my or my family's health in the hands of medical, religious, pharmaceutical, or government institutions.

Before my first trip to India, Nepal and Thailand several years ago, I decided against receiving any vaccinations. Most of my friends and family thought I was out of my mind. Utilizing certain precautions and natural herbal remedies, I ended up with nothing more than a slightly disturbed gastrointestinal tract, which quickly healed.

Pressure to conform exists for the adult as well as child population. In the September 1996 issue of Bon Apppetit, a magazine for the gourmet crowd, I saw a full page color ad urging travelers to get Harviz, a vaccine for hepatitis A - by Smith Kline Beecham Biological. This triggered a memory of the highly touted but misguided Swine Flu vaccine fiasco in the mid 1970's. The Ford administration, then fighting for reelection, panicked a naive public into believing a that a wave of potentially deadly airborne viruses were heading our way from Asia. Millions of fearful citizens rushed to get a hastily developed vaccine to protect themselves from this menace that never materialized. What did happen though was that many people suffered negative reaction from the shots and quite a few died.

I look across our bedroom and notice reflected in the bureau mirror the Nataraj, a statue of the ancient Yogi Shiva, known as the King of all Yogis. In this famous sculpture Shiva is dancing in a ring of fire. The fire represents the World burning out of control, as Shiva whirls in a meditative reverie with a snake around his neck, a conch in his hand... he dances one legged on a Dwarf? Baby? Demon? - symbolizing human ignorance, and represnting his lower nature or ego. Many many books have been written interpreting the spiritual significance of the Nataraj. I am not a true scholar of the Nataraj, so suffice it to say that in my opinion our world is on fire and we must navigate it as best we can with celebration, compassion and awareness.

The Nataraj has been sitting on this bookshelf since we moved here, and has always been a reminder for me to look deep inside myself and remain present as I move through the change and uncertainty within and around. I can turn myself inside out to solve the mystery of life through immunization, but I realize that ultimately I don't know where this or any other situation in life will lead.

"Any attempt to shape the world and modify human personality in order to create a self-chosen pattern of life, involves many unknown consequences. Human destiny is bound to remain a gamble, because at some unpredictable time and in some unforeseeable manner Nature will strike back"

Rene' Dubos Mirage of Health 1959

Just as I was putting the finishing touches on this chapter of The Tibetan Book of the Dad - Stories of Living Dying and Diapering - Parenting as a Path of Awakening - Lisa came in with the mail. She waived a colorful piece of cardboard in my face. " Look Chick, it's a birthday card for Cailean." I glanced at the front of the card and saw a picture of a little boy in a pointy party hat with ice cream dripping down his face. It said "One is fun!" in bright festive letters splashed

" Happy first Birthday" was printed inside the card, below three rows of ice cream cones and sparklers.

"Isn't that nice," Lisa said, "our healthcare provider US Healthcare, - sponsored by the Mobsters at Big Pharma and the AMA Cartel, - 'remembered our son's birthday awww, how nice! Maybe their not a insensitive as you always say they are, Chick."

Yeah great, I mumble absently, and start to hand the card back to her. It falls to the floor, and out slips a folding wallet size card that says on the cover:

"Recommended Schedule for Immunization of Healthy Infants and Children"

Inside were listed the fifteen vaccines advised for kids, thirteen in the first year and a half!

The card says that a baby's first hepatitis inoculation should be given within two days of birth.

By one year your baby should receive 3 polio, 3 DTP (diphtheria), 3 HIB (meningitis) and 3 hepatitis B vaccines. Over the next six months, your baby should receive""

"This is what Healthy infants in sanitary conditions with good nutrition and mothers milk need?"

I snorted.

A promotional campaign for child immunization in the form of a birthday card seems like a pretty Insensitive Transparent Trick even for a Health Insurance Company, Big Pharma and the AMA.

But maybe with all the questioning that is now putting, not only the effectiveness, but the safety of vaccinations on trial - in books, magazines, articles, programs on National TV, and debates in the press - it's the U.S. healthcare system that feels the need to strike back! Refer to bibliography