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Ancient Yogic Healing Secret - Your Own Perfect Medicine

July 2021 Charles Balter

I bet you never even thought about drinking your own Piss? Well isn't it the perfect time to learn, as the world is NOW plunged into fear and under a mass trance of deception from the people we trust most. Humanity is being threatened with extinction from a handful of James Bond villains - right out of central casting. Nazi type characters like Klaus Schwab whose father was also a Nazi in the Third Reich. Now Klaus is doing his father proud serving in the 4th Reich, or 4th Industrial Revolution, as Satan Klaus likes say to signal his Nazi boys. These maniacs want to genocide most of humanity and enslave those left. To call them control freaks is putting it mildly indeed. But what does that have to do with Shivambu? You ask. Only everything!

This criminal Cartel is teaming up with the Medical dictatorship and governments to wreak havoc on the planet. They have bankrupted most small businesses and passed truly dangerous and stupid mask mandates and ineffective social distancing policies. These are all illegal and non binding. If only everyone wakes up and practices peaceful non compliance this oppression will end. Now they are threatening food shortages to starve out the Non-Compliers. 'You vil listen to the Fuhers' or controllers as they prefer to be called. This is a spiritual war and thus I am somewhat prepared, having read the Bhagavad Gita countless times. Sound the conches and bring it on bitches!

The cult also knows this, and are using occult systems of black magic and dark rituals. Pure consciousness WILL prevail, but the earth will go through a deep transformation first. Shivambu can and will play it's part in this drama, as those practicing it transmute into peaceful warriors.

Isn't it a wonderful time to learn a new 'technology that could save your life and the lives of your loved ones, while greatly expanding your consciousness. Or perhaps only learning the practice to put a new tool in your tool box for 'emergency' use only (sound familiar?) I'm sure you have all heard of people lost at sea or in an earthquake or natural disaster that have saved their lives by drinking their own urine? Or urine curing poisonous snake bites. Or athletes foot.

It is now being reported by many very credible, non MSM, news outlets that the Cult is causing food shortages worldwide, and is soon going to begin starving the population, until they gain compliance on their agenda, which includes fake, non approved, experimental, non vaccine, deadly injections, illegal health passes, dangerous mask mandates, and other cute tricks. Shivambu will come in handy during a fraudulent cult created famine. I bet Kill Gates and Schwab never had a clue that they could be defeated by an army of pissed off Shivambu drinkers.

Well, Shivambu is not really new, it's been practiced daily on purpose worldwide for thousands of years.

I have been practicing Shivambu or Urine therapy ever since I unsuspectingly discovered it over 30 years ago,while on a retreat at a Yoga camp in rural Pennsylvania. This was back in the day when yoga meant you were weird. And even today with Yoga and meditation being so trendy the practice of drinking ones own urine is weird or outright insane to most. But is it crazier than wearing a dangerous mask and breathing in Carbon Dioxide all day, as well as the bacteria formed by hot breathe on the porous surface of the mask??? This masking will now cause hypoxia, and over time lead to dementia and other illnesses. Or is fearing that your fellow citizen might transfer some deadly unseen, unproven, non-existent disease to you? Or is it Crazier than the deadly, fake, non approved, experimental, non vaccine, gene therapy injection, for a non existent virus? Is having unspecified toxins shot directly into your bloodstream any less crazy than Shivambu?

Shivambu is proven over thousands of years to be truly 'SAFE and EFFECTIVE'

But keep following your greedy, psychotic, transhumanist, genocidal, controllers, and the medical dictatorship, by being a "good little order follower" as you continue to virtue signal them all the way into the gentle embrace of their loving high tech gas chambers. Let's see if they reward your efforts or just throw you onto their pile of exponentially, ever increasing bodies.

WOW! That really felt great! You should try it sometime. It clears the throat.

One morning after our meditation, it was announced that an old friend of my teacher would be speaking at the retreats Asana hall on a special advanced yogic practice.

I was astounded as the speaker expounded on the ins and outs of drinking ones own urine each morning. The first urine after 3am was said to be the richest in micro nutrients and enzymes... 'use it to wash eyes with and even in a netti pot to clear sinuses and decalcify pineal gland' I hung on the speakers every word.

My middle class Philadelphia upbringing did not prepare me for what I was about to experience - 'put a hat and coat on or you'll catch a cold and be sick, Chickie' - 'did you finish your milk? 'Which my mother yelled as I ran out the door in a tee shirt, to play tackle football in the freezing rain, and snow coated asphalt street below our tiny Philly row house, sans helmet or anything for protection.

The hat and coat should have been her last worry. A cold would be nothing compared with a concussion or brain damage or death caused when I careened off of the parked cars we were constantly crashing into at full speed, trying to make a great one handed catch like Tommy McDonald, my Philadelphia Eagles hero.

As I staggered out of the discourse I had only one thought in my mind - I must do this as soon as possible! I was sure I would collapse, vomit and or maybe even die, but I couldn't postpone this collision with destiny a moment more. I headed directly towards the community bathroom, hoping I would have enough privacy (and piss) to do the deed, then collapse and be saved by the next person wanting to step up to the plate, or glass.

No one else seemed to be rushing towards the bathroom but foolish? Me. I who is skittish to ride a Ferris Wheel, but Braveheart when it comes to trying anything to do with Yoga. Swallow a 22 foot long cotton surgical gauze down the throat and into the stomach and pull it back out, no problem. This is a Shat Kriya (one of 6 yogic internal cleansing and purifying practices) this one is called Vastra Dauti and it cleans the stomach and massages the esophagus. It is a fantastic practice also. But I digress.

After filling my glass with urine I quickly without pause to consider, gulped it all down, it was at least 8 ounces. Then I stared into a filthy mirror and waited for signs of my demise.

It never happened! What did happen was my entire body-mind became overwhelmed with a bliss and a well-being I had never known. Peace and tranquillity filled every cell as beliefs and long running programs dissolved. I knew then that I had been introduced to the path of true health. My teacher Vijay said "U-R-IN!" (urine) when I told him of my accomplishment.

Shivambu is intimately linked and interwoven with the release of Amrita, or The Elixir of Immortality, secreted in the Crystal Palace area of the brain during deep meditation and Samadhi (spiritual absorption). It can also happen outside of formal meditation with eyes wide open.

It is difficult to predict when the snake of Kundalini will rise, one thing is certain Shivambu will clear its pathway.

The crystal palace as Taoists call it lies between the pineal gland, pituitary gland, thalamus and hypothalamus. When proper conditions of let-go and surrender to existence are present, and the cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) is cooked, a syrupy naturally sweet substance secretes DMT, serotonin, melatonin...and a miraculous blend of naturally soothing and euphoria producing elements -created in the pineal gland - down the back of the throat and into the heart area, leaving one drenched in ecstasy and unity consciousness. Experiencing this bliss of freedom just once will change your life forever.

Shivambu is an essential ingredient in preparing for the divine alchemy of Amrita. You will begin living life in reverse, you will regenerate, rejuvenate, and you will Youth.

Note: the human body if cared for is nature's 24/7 pharmacy that can produce everything needed for perfect health. Results may vary based on multiple lifestyle factors. Shivambu works best with a Satvic Diet and lifestyle in tune with our true nature. Which if everything goes as planned by our controllers, those of us allowed to remain on earth will have plenty of time to pursue and no money for anything else. But again I digress.

I know it sounds like a trip on some psycho-tropic drug, but I assure you that I did not then nor now either imbibe alcohol nor take any drugs or stimulants.

Shivambu may be helpful with reducing or curing drug addiction. So far I have escaped Big Pharma and their addictive deadly drugs. Shivambu has no side effects, only positive effects.

As I continue to drink my urine daily for years, now over 30, it has been integrated into my life so throughly that I sometimes forget I practice Shivambu. The practice has assisted in helping me balance my dietary choices, thoughts, emotions, and actions, since I am aware that they will be recycled the next morning. What goes around comes around, I guess you could say.

Urine is not a bodily waste product like shit or as my Mom used to say number 2. It is a momentary excess that is sterile and can be reintroduced and used. Like leaves falling from a tree re-nourish the roots and soil. Medical doctors and big Pharma know this FACT but don't want the public to know. It could be bad for business.

Note: Shivambu is perfect for that intimate candle lit evening, when the power, internet and all communications have been shut the fuck off by our controllers!! Yes, a delightful, blizzardy, freezing, winters eve, spent shivering alone with your significant other or your higher self, (which is your only true significant other) while being starved out by Kill Gates, Klaus Schwab, and their psychotic band of caring, compassionate, billionaire, technocratic, transhumanist, genocidal, sociopaths, that want to reset the world for themselves, as if it already isn't .

It has taken me a long long time to let go and trust that this open secret will reach the proper individuals and be utilized for peace, health and healing of ourselves and this earth. I was concerned for my fictitious self within this simulation or Matrix and the ridicule and scrutiny It might be subjected to. All selfish ego driven issues. But if not now when?

Shivambu is also known as Amoroli, Uropathy, UT, Urine Therapy, Oren Therapy, The Water of Shiva'

The use of one's own urine to heal and maintain perfect health has been used by Yogis and other seekers of health world-wide for thousands of years. In Yogic traditions it is referred to in 'Shivambu Kalpa Vidhi' part of a 5,000 year old document called Damar Tantra linking this practice to the Vedas, the sacred Hindu text.

Shivambu- the water of Shiva, or Urine Therapy is found in almost all volumes of Ayurveda. In the widely known Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Urine Therapy is called Amaroli.

Shivambu is used to assist the practitioner with entering into deeper states of Meditation, Self Realization, and consciousness, as well as keeping the body relaxed, tranquil, fit, and healthy for their journey within. Remember U-R-IN

This practice has been kept secret but is now reaching critical mass as millions are currently practicing some form of Urine therapy while millions more are being exposed to its fantastic potential to bring joy, dignity, and supreme health to humanity. Especially in these times when doctors, the cult of the AMA Monopoly, Politicians, the FDA, CDC, WHO, WEF... and the mainstream medical system are utilizing a medical dictatorship to forcefully control humanity and limit choices of healing modalities.

Until allopathic medicine and their co-conspirators, the AMA, Big Pharma, giant corporate hospitals, power hungry politicians and government sponsored insurance, began to dominate our health protocols, Shivambu (Urine Therapy) was a respected Natural Folk Medicine commonly prescribed by physician's and grandmothers alike. It can be used either internally or externally as a potent scientifically proven healer for a multitude of ailments. No diagnosis is necessary. It can be drank by the glass full or taken homeopathically by drops under the tongue sublingually, or massaged into skin. It can be used as an eye wash or in a netti pot to clear the sinuses. If practiced as instructed there are no side effects other than positive natural cleansing and purifying effects. Medically it is referred to as Plasma Ultra Filtrate.

You will be surprised to know that Big Pharma collects (from public urinals and porta potties) and uses human and animal urine to formulate many of its patented drugs. This is also true of cosmetic companies. One example of prescription dugs that include urine is Premarin, an estrogen replacement for woman that uses horse urine.

Wouldn't you knowingly rather consume your own urine with your own healing blueprint, than have a cruelly treated unknown horses urine secretly enter into your body.

Checked your Murine eye drops lately?

Big Pharma continues to collect human urine from urinals and porta potties Nationwide to add to their drugs. Their mission is to figure out a way to patent this miraculous substance that is our human birthright, and sell it back to us at drugstore prices.

PS: please remove your toxic, bacteria infested mask before drinking Shivambu.

Shivambu is a highly efficacious natural remedy for many diseases, imbalances and conditions that ail us today:

* Cancer
* Heart Disease
* Auto-Immune Diseases
* Diabetes
* Asthma
* Arthritis
* Panic and Anxiety Disorders - through increasing or balancing Serotonin, Melatonin, as well as decalcifying and activating Pineal Gland and decreasing Cortisol levels
* Multiple Sclerosis
* Colitis
* Hepatitis
* Hyperactivity
* Lupus
* Rheumatoid Arthritis
* Psoriasis and Eczema
* Herpes
* Allergies
* Assists in getting off addiction to drugs
* Common Colds and sore throat
* Influenza
* Blood Pressure modulator
* Infertility
* Infections
* Wounds and Skin Disorders
*Urine is Anti Viral and Anti Bacterial
* Insect and snake bites
* Urine is used to assist in Meditation
* Beautifying agent for shining skin and complexion
* Athletes Foot
* On and On and On AND ON!

A persons own urine is an enormous source of vital living nutrients, enzymes, and critical antibodies that cannot be duplicated or derived from any other source. Shivambu - Urine is a purified derivative or by product of your blood itself, made by the kidneys, Natures distiller. It is structured living water transmuted into a miraculous Elixir of life. This is 'the' vaccine that can save humanity from the medical tyranny and genocide we are faced with.

It's not Ewww it's YOU! We have all imbibed urine while commencing life in our Mother's womb where we float in amniotic fluid. This fluid fills our lungs and bathes our skin. It is the urine that we make while in the womb. It is natural to us, though long forgotten.

Shivambu is your own daily Natural Immunization for vibrant perfect health and protection against today's toxic environment.

And woe be to the mobsters at Big Pharma and the rest of the criminal transhumanist, Eugenics, Genocidal agenda, and the tyrannical Medical Industrial Complex... It's FREE!

'Let the venom be the antidote' -Rumi
Awakening the healer within

I will give a brief instruction on how to begin:

Diet is important, but waiting till you are perfect is not productive. Start where you are and Shivambu will assist you along the path. If you are taking medication drugs or alcohol start slowly and monitor how you feel. You will ween yourself off of negative choices. Shivambu will lean you in the direction of healing of body/mind/spirit, trust the process.

A plant based diet, dairy free, without coffee or caffeine is the ideal, but begin wherever you are. Always allow for the fact that you are recycling whatever you eat or drink, to get the most out of super foods and supplements. Same with medications. Adjust as needed. You are consciously and subconsciously developing awareness.

If you are in an unusual condition it is always best to have an experienced guide to ease your mind and design a program for you. Shivambu is NOT dangerous and can be done by anyone.

I am including a list of websites and instructional videos below.

1. Begin slowly. If you are hesitant about drinking strait, you may begin by rubbing a small amount of fresh urine on the back of your hand and see. Compare the skin to the skin without urine. Urine should be collected anytime after 3am. for use in the morning on an empty stomach. As your experience increases you can drink at anytime. Explore. Fresh Shivambu should be used within 15 minutes of collecting. Aged urine is more potent and requires different protocols but once you become confident, you can do anything you like without problems. Shivambu teaches you to be in tune and understand your body, your mind, as your connection to consciousness expands and self acceptance and compassion increases.

Fear Not!

2. For homeopathic approach use a dropper to place 3 to 6 drops sublingually under tongue. Continue to monitor as you increase amount of drops over a period of time, till you feel more comfortable with the process. You can also use drops in eyes and ears in the morning. Shivambu may be mixed with orange juice or your favorite fruit or vegetable juice with favorable results. This will help your mind/body adjust to the idea of self acceptance and healing naturally without drugs. Drinking Shivambu first thing upon arising will greatly assist w elimination, or natures call.

3. Splash on face and watch your skin glow. Remember it's not Ewww it's You! Shivambu on the skin does not smell! Contrary to popular belief. It is when it is on clothes and ammonia is produced, that it has an aroma.

4. You cannot make a mistake. Shivambu is 95% living structured, ultra filtered, blood plasma water, imbued with Life Force, or Chi, or Prana'

Nutrient filled blood passes though the liver, where toxins are removed to be excreted as solid waste. Eventually this 'clean' blood undergoes a filtering process in the kidneys, where excess water, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antibodies, urea, uric acid, not usable by the body at that time, are collected in the form of a purified, sterile, watery solution that is urine. The function of the kidneys is to keep the various elements in balance. The important elements in the blood are not filtered out because they are harmful and toxic to the body, but simply because the body does not need a particular concentration of an element at that time. The excess Urine is stored in the bladder. It is this regulating process of the kidneys that allows us to eat and drink more than our bodies need at any one time.

'What a piece of work is man!' - Shakespeare

Soon you will be enjoying all of your early morning liquid gold.

Traditionally it is said to use the middle stream, but I have found that it is all good. So you choose. The taste will change depending on your diet. This is how you will slowly adjust. Trust your body and Shivambu to make the adjustments needed.

The better you feel the more the the process will adjust towards health and healing and True Nature. Shivambu builds on itself. Consistency and longevity are the key. Shivambu can be used every day for life not just until symptoms disappear. There is no end to ever increasing health. As conditions change so does your Shivambu that is why daily use is recommended. Shivambu is different moment to moment based on what your thoughts, feelings, actions, emotions, food choices, and environment, indicate. It is always adjusting towards homeostasis and well being.

**Integrate Urine therapy into your practices of healthy lifestyle choices. With the World as toxic as it is today Shivambu is a light in the dark to guide us. Use with patience and enthusiasm and you will glow with vibrant health!

Further research:

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Spiritual Research Foundation **this is a related therapy called Gomutra that is recommended as a healing aid in Ayurveda. I have been researching Gomutra personally and it has merit. Best or worst of all it's available with free delivery from Amazon

Note: Jeff Bezos seems to be a beneficiary of the criminal Cartels handiwork, he has somehow been able to keep himself out of the spotlight, focusing instead on the critically essential job (Bezos is an essential worker?) of thrusting himself and others high in the air in a suspect ego gratifying flight reminiscent of old B movies, or for the few of you left that remember the serial movie Flash Gordon featuring Kill Gates as Flash Gordon, Klaus Schwab as Emperor Ming the Merciless, Jeff Bezos as Dale Arden and Anthony Fraud-chi as Doctor Zarkov - please watch!

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