Roll Out Those Lazy - Hazy - Crazy Days of Summer -Maskless in Woodstock NY

My encounter with the owner of Village Apothecary Neil Smoller

Woodstock NY on August 3rd 2021 was in retrospect, like accidentally meeting Dr. Josef Mengele - Known as the Angel of Death - the hero of the 3rd Reich who did experimental, non informed consent, medical procedures on thousands, and trying to buy dog food. He seemed nice enough until he profiled me and whoever he determined I was, did not meet his high standards for purchasing dog food.

I had no idea at the time, that he had been responsible for illegally -that is without true informed consent, as per Nuremberg Accords, established after World War 2 (scores of Nazi Doctors were executed for crimes against humanity after being convicted at Nuremberg trials) vaccinated over 35 thousand humans with a non FDA approved, experimental, for Emergency Use Only, non vaccine, toxic, deadly, gene therapy injection that he most likely virtue signaled them was a 'safe and effective' treatment. A 'Global' Crime against Humanity. Neil Smoller is truly a vaccine hunter.

For that great achievement - NOT! - he received many accolades, and the keys to the city of Woodstock NY, as well as the high praise and approval of NY Governor Andrew Cuomo (who Resigned in disgrace).

Yesterday on August 3rd afternoon I needed some dog food for my loving companion Teddy. I had been in the Village Apothecary on Friday and had a nice discussion with the owner about the raw dog food that he sells. I bought some. No one in the store was either wearing a mask nor seemed like there was any anxiety about 'Being in the middle of a Global Pandemic'

Teddy loved the food and licked his bowl clean as soon as I placed it down. So naturally when we ran out of food I went straight to the Apothecary and that friendly and courteous gentleman.

Really Neil, is this your idea
of Holistic Medicine?

I entered the store and gazed around and noticed everyone was tightly masked up. The owner gave me a 2 handed stop sign, as I was facially naked except for my very long beard. I said all I want is two tubes of that dog food that you suggested. My dog Teddy loves it!! He gave the option to go outside if I wouldn't wear a mask. So I did. The owner Neil Smoller followed. Outside he stood still masked and said 'you do realize that we are in the middle of a global pandemic, do you not agree?' I said I do not agree. His eyes bulged and his face turned red with anger, as he frustratedly repeated "you don't agree that we are in the middle of a global pandemic??" I once more said, no I do not. The pressure continued. I did not want to argue or discuss, all I wanted was dog food. He asked a third time and my answer was the same. Then he exploded with a controlled rage and said, "get out of here I'm not selling you any dog food go down the road somewhere and get it, get lost" I was in shock and hardly could speak a reply. He never asked me about my vaccination status, while initially in the store or anytime after.

He knew full well that he was the only one in Woodstock that sold that dog food.

I left and called the dog food factory which coincidentally was in Poughkeepsie NY about an hours drive away. I immediately went there and bought Teddy's food. I had heard rumors of artificially contrived food shortages and starving the population into compliance with the "Globalist Agenda" which includes getting this dangerous vaccine and health passports. It never occurred to me that the starvation would start with dogs especially my Teddy.

PS: I thought long and hard about writing this article. When a few friends informed me that they were on Neils Facebook and that he was using myself and others that shared a different opinion than his as way to brag about how he kicked them out or doesn't want their business, that was the "jab" that did it. This type of discrimination and Medical Apartheid needs to be called out.

After a very brief consultation with Teddy I decided to go public.

August 2021 Phoenicia NY Charles Balter


Note from Teddy: according to the statistics from the Government's own VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) there have been many thousands of deaths and hundreds of thousands of serious injuries from this experimental for emergency use only, dangerous, fake injection with toxic and suspect unknown ingredients.

VAERS by the way only captures approximately 1% of deaths and injuries. This says nothing of future deaths and chronic illnesses from this long term untested, unethical, jab that has been unleashed on a naive, trusting, fearful, humanity.

According to the GHO (Global Health Organisation) 600 thousand worldwide are already reported dead from this deadly fake injection, and 16 million seriously injured.

This is a gigantic government backed and mandated ongoing Medical Dictatorship, Big Pharma experiment with human guinea pigs replacing lab rats or monkeys. Most of the early animal experiments with these jabs resulted in the animals dying, so the logical answer these mass murderers (scientists) came up with was - 'let's experiment with human subjects'!

People as well as doctors do not know the existence of VAERS. Doctors that know, do not want to go against the cult narrative or take their valuable time doing this increasingly frustrating (purposely??) clerical task.

Suffice it to say that despite Massive Censorship, bought and paid for Fact Checkers, a criminally complicit, censoring Main Stream Media, and a monopolistic coverup by social media; YouTube, Facebook, Google, Twitter, and many others, reports continue to be filed while simultaneously the government is secretly purging the VAERS of adverse reports.

These same reporting systems exist in most other countries and the deaths and injuries are exponentially accumulating daily.

Why don't you try to get on VAERS yourself and see if you can find the 'hidden statistics.'

We all need to become proactive NOW:

Do Your Own Research and Come to Your Own Conclusions!!!

Don't take my word for it, or the Government Extortionists, (free burgers and mmm delicious fries, or face arrest, fines and penalties).

Even us dogs know: Definitely Do Not Trust the Vested Interests - the Rockefeller/AMA/Cartel, The Mobsters at Big Pharma, the con artists at Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, WEF (World Economic Forum), WHO (WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION), UN (United Nations), the Nazi sympathizer Klaus Schwab, Spaceman Jeff Bezos, Tyrant Mark Zuckerberg to name a few greedy control freaks.

This globalist cult includes the psychotic, sociopathic Billionaire elites, and hidden aristocracy, that have taken a Secret Covenant Blood Oath to enslave humanity and connect us all to Artificial Intelligence, creating a new race of Cyborgs, half human half AI (Transhumanism agenda), would you like another sip of Graphine Oxide with your Mmmm delicious nano chips?

These few thousand cult leaders think of themselves as superior 'Master Race' beings that are the only ones worthy (or so they think) to lead and reign over those masked creatures manufactured by their sorcery.

This black magic cult is determined to continue their Eugenics inspired Genocide and conclude with 90% depopulation and total control over and enslavement of what's left and is barely traceable back to the former species called Human 'Being.'

Again, Do Your Own Research and Come to Your Own Conclusions!!!

Wake the Fuck Up. Pull back the veil. Even the most asleep amongst us knows there are strange things a Paw.