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CHARLES "Chick" BALTER, Founder


Laughing all the Way to Enlightenment
The Tibetan Book of the Dad (an overview)
Rescue Me! (One Golfer's Obnoxious Memoir)

Since the 1970's Chick Balter has traveled the world in search of the miraculous and the keys to unlock the mysteries of existence.

Nowadays, if you could peek through the roof of his New Jersey home, you might find this ex-building contractor, playing with his dog, replastering the bathroom, or sharing his deep insights into the nature of existence with family, friends, or virtually anyone else willing to listen! Or he might be practicing his golf swing while watching a PGA tournament, performing an ancient Vedic fire ceremony, or sitting thoughtfully in his study considering a new teaching angle for his courses in meditation , self-mastery, and firewalking. He is available for handy advice, whether it is on remodeling your bathroom or how to do a yogic headstand.

Chick's work, while often provocative, encourages people to find their own answers, relying on intuition as well as information gathered from outside sources. His 35 plus years of practicing and teaching yoga, meditation, and many other modalities of the transformational arts gives him a useful and unusual perspective on the issues of personal growth.

Chick Balter, Founder

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