'C'mon man! don't gimme' dat malarkey!

September 2021 Charles Balter

It's been 3 and a half months since my 47 year old son Jason passed away. I have spent most of this time alone in a small cabin in the mountains of upstate NY north of Woodstock. I have had much time to ponder Jason's passing.

It happened so suddenly, a series of seizures in the night and then cardiac arrest. All known side effects of the vaccine. As deaths and injuries are exponentially piling up - the government and main stream media act like nothing is happening. Nothing of course but a massive censored genocide.

On the government run VAERS system (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) To date nearly 15 thousand deaths have been recorded and 500 thousand serious injuries. The VAERS usually accounts for less than ONE PERCENT of actual deaths and severe injuries. There are other systems in the USA and worldwide, VAERS just records USA.

But the government still keeps pushing harder. President Biden says his patience is running short- not with the thugs and drug lords at the AMA and big Pharma, but with pro health people that have chosen not to place toxins like Graphene Oxide, Lead, Aluminum, and Ethylene Glycol commonly known as Anti Freeze - directly into their blood stream, especially for a disease? That has still not been isolated, and that has a 99.98% survival rate. 'C'mon man! don't gimme' dat malarkey!'

Biden is beginning the process of mandatory vaccines. He has absolutely no idea what is in them nor how the information is being manipulated by the drug lords themselves.

I remember him saying he would be the president of all the people. 'Nah on second thought now that I am in power I will do as I please, or more truthfully as I'm told. To hell with the constitution and laws'. What happened to medical choice and privacy?

Is this what we all want, a segregated society? And our medical records made public? Heil Biden!

The bought and paid for 'Fact checkers' and complicit censoring criminals of social media will no doubt disagree. This is a psychotic psyops and brainwashing, a global trance of the highest order. And planned for years as the innocent public slept. After sitting with this information for three months I am now 100% convinced that Jason was KILLED by this deadly concoction of toxins.

When the swine flu was 'scaring' people in 1976 only 50 or so deaths were recorded before they shut the vaccine off. And that swine flu shot fit the definition of a vaccine. This deadly fake experimental jab is not in reality a vaccine at all. It is just called that to give legal 'immunity' to the drug cartels. Legal immunity for an injection that does not in any way boost human immunity against anything, nor stop transmission of anything. It is an experimental gene therapy. Still Non FDA approved still experimental. They have tricked people into believing it is now approved. Another future vaccine has been approved and bait and switched, although not available for years.

The new boosters for the non functioning, fake, pseudo 'protection' provided by the original scam are also non FDA approved, as if approval means anything from such a corrupt organization that rubber stamps anything the Drug Lords apply for.

Is this what you call transparency or just a street shell game foisted on an asleep, fearful public.

This has never been about protecting public health. This is part of a much larger agenda of complete control by a few psychotic billionaires for a global government, run by them, and to serve them. Like all dictators Fear is the way they elicit compliance.

Do your own research, come to your own conclusions.

This medical tyranny goes against the Nuremberg Code for informed consent. It is truly a crime against humanity.

The Nuremberg Code was established after World War 2 when scores of Nazis including doctors, nurses and 'order followers' were executed for atrocities and performing 'experimental' medical procedures without informed consent. Hopefully at Nuremberg 2 this will be adjudicated shortly, and those convicted dealt with accordingly.

When my son Jason's funeral came and everyone was settled in the chapel, the time came for me to speak or forever hold my voice.

I chose to remain silent.

Some people say 'Silence is golden'

All morning this story of GI Gurdjieff (1866-1949) and his disciple PD Ouspensky (1878-1947) kept coming to me. I had written these notes before the funeral and have decided to share them NOW!

Make of it what you will.

Ever since reading his classic, 'Meetings with Remarkable Men' GI Gurdjieff has been a great inspiration to me.

Both Gurdjieff who is an Armenian and Ouspensky a Russian are from the same corner of the World where Jason and I have our genesis and blood line ancestry.

Ouspensky was a world famous Russian mathematician when he began studying with GI Gurdjieff, who was then a little known Mystic.

Ouspensky soon became his top student and helped spread Gurdjieff's work worldwide.

Later they had an unfriendly parting and never spoke again.

Ouspensky resettled in England where he gathered students around him and taught his version of the 'Fourth Way' GI Gurdjieff's life work.

While in England, Ouspensky wrote the book 'In Search of the Miraculous' and dedicated it to GI Gurdjieff:

'The man who destroyed all my dreams'

Ouspensky is quoted as saying:

'It is only THEN when we realize life is leading us NOWHERE- that it begins to have meaning'

Happy journey Jason ❤️

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