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"Awaken the force within"

May be combined with Firewalking, Yoga and Meditation and/or Tantric Golf Workshops.

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Stillpoint Awareness offers custom designed group and corporate programs in self-mastery. It's founder, Chick Balter, has successfully guided courses in meditation, yoga, and firewalking worldwide for the past 20 years.

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Learn secrets of how to:

* Transform fear, negative emotions, and limiting beliefs into power and self mastery.

* Create harmony, balance and trust within you and your relationships.

* Re-connect with the source of your deepest inner wisdom.

"Whenever a knight of the grail tried to follow a path made by someone else, he went altogether astray. Where there is a way or path, it is someone else's footsteps. Each of us has to find his own way... Nobody can give you a mythology."

~ Joseph Campbell

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